(Forex Broker Review) XM.com – Adakah XM Forex Broker No. 1?

By Adam

Salam kawan-kawan,


Masih pening untuk pilih mana satu broker yang terbaik? Kawan-kawan cuba promote forex broker A, B, C tapi semuanya macam tak boleh percaya jer?

Saya pasti korang dah sign up dengan macam-macam broker forex kat luar sana. Dulu, saya pun begitu juga. Macam-macam broker saya register dan deposit funds dalam. Tapi semuanya ada problem, seperti:

  1. Trader page / cabinet – Takder Bahasa Melayu, tak user-friendly, takder info yang sesuai dan apa yang saya perlu dan payah sangat nak browse.
  2. Customer Service – I cannot emphasize this enough but having a trained, well-versed, fast replying customer service is KEY to RETAINING traders.
  3. Tight spread – A lot of other brokers have too big of a spread, you can fit an elephant in between the pips. How are you supposed to earn if all your trading is paying for the brokers commission?
  4. Marketing – You know how advertisements online play an important role in giving you that security and pride? Your current broker doesn’t seem to be willing to spend on ads and marketing and yet you see a couple of other brokers heavily promoting their services online (especially on social media)
  5. Extras – How about bonuses? How about FREE margin for you to earn REAL money without actually depositing in money? How about weekly seminars online (webinars)? How about weekly tips and tricks on how to trade forex?
  6. 5 digit broker – Why earn volume x pip with your average 4 digit broker when you can earn TEN (10) times more! (eg. USD 1 volume per pip = earning USD1 per pip when you can earn USD 10 for every 1 pip you trade)


Inilah sebab skarang ni, broker yang saya tengah pakai dan puas hati adalah [clink id=”6″ target=”_blank”]XM[/clink]. Korang boleh compare dengan sendiri.




They have, as of date, THE BEST:

  1. USER-FRIENDLY Trader Page – Easy to browse, deposit / withdraw funds, aesthetics (I know it’s a minor issue but I do design as well and most trader pages are just an eyesore to look at)
  2. TOP-NOTCH Customer Service – If I had three thumbs, I’d three thumbs up them!
  3. Tight Spread – You can trade with as low as ONE (1) PIP for major currency pairs!
  4. Crazy Marketing – Just open Facebook, look at the ads they promote. I bet they’ll lead to XM.com. Google search any forex brokers. XM will be on top, trust me.
  5. Bonuses? How about 50% bonus on your deposit? How about FREE $30 deposit without even putting in ANY funds? How about WEEKLY webinars? How about a LOYALTY programme that XM will offer special seasonal bonuses marking certain calendar events and occasions that will be available for very limited periods of time. XM will also offer highly exclusive bonuses that will be made available on an invitation only basis.
  6. Fractional Pip Pricing – Instead of 4-digit quoting prices, clients can benefit from even the smallest price movements by adding a 5th digit (fraction). With fractional pip pricing, you can trade with tighter spreads and enjoy most accurate quoting possible.


Mungkin itulah sebabnya [clink id=”6″ target=”_blank”]XM [/clink]masih kekal menjadi pujaan hatikuuu.



p/s Nak belajar trader forex dengan mudah? [clink id=”8″ target=”_blank”]Klik sini untuk Teknik Forex Sebenar[/clink].

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